Panasonic VariCam Rentals

We were one of the earliest adopters of the Panasonic VariCam V35 when it was first released, and added the Pure Uncompressed Recorders for all of our 7 pieces when it came available.  Then when the LT arrived we moved aggressively and now have 12 pieces with plenty of media and high speed readers.  All these cameras are kitted out with ARRI Pro Set accessories, PL Mounts, etc. They have seen extensive use for OTT clients and Reality Shows, and we supply as sub-rentals to all the major national rental vendors, who often don’t even carry them.

Why VariCam?  Once you realize their functions, features and ergonomics you’ll become a fan!  Firstly, they’re native 4K/UHD, and offer builtin Multicam Capability, and all the other features of a typical OB and/or EFP/ENG Camera. We supply Cable Extension Kits for the V35 and ROP’s for both cameras (HRP1000 and HRP200) and enough media for a large Multicam or Reality Show production.  But the most compelling things are the 800/5000 native ISO’s which are totally liberating when shooting in low light or no-light situations, and a color palate very similar to the ARRI’s. The LT in particular has a very small, light and balanced form factor.

Please contact us for additional information about Panasonic VariCam rentals.

Panasonic VariCam equipment available for rent:

  • 7 @ PANASONIC VARICAM 35 4K dual native 800/5000 ISO Cameras w/ P2 Express & Mini P2 Media, Readers, Control Panel Extension
  • 12 @ PANASONIC VARICAM LT 4K 35mm dual native 800/5000 ISO Cameras w/ P2 Express & Mini P2 Media, Readers, Control Panel Extension
  • 7 @ CODEX V-RAW Recorder  w/ SXT Media & Readers
  • 4 @ EVA-1 Camera Kits with ARRI Pro Sets