Digital Media Rentals

Media is often an after thought, but not at John Sharaf Photography. This is because the DOP’s wishlist rarely specifies media, and if it does rarely in the quantity desired by the DIT or Media manager who shows up on the last day, or hour of prep.  That’s why we offer an extensive quantity of media for all the cameras we feature; enough essentially for our cameras and then even more.  It’s not uncommon to require 8x pieces per camera per day, so with turnaround to post (even if it’s local) you might need 16x per camera.

If the media ships back to LA or NYC from location you might need even more.  Few Rental Companies have the appetite to overstock expensive memory cards for surges like concert shoots or reality shows, but we do.  Whatever Media we carry, we carry in quantity. This is the anchor of our business and what allows us to be based on a horse farm in the Berkshires!

Please contact us for additional information about media rentals.

Media equipment available for rent:

  • 32 @ Codex SXR 1TB Capture Cards (For LF, SXT and Varicam PURE Cameras)
  • 16 @ Codex SXR 2TB Capture Cards
  • 40 @ Codex 1TB Compact Capture Cards (for MINI LF)
  • 40 @ Codex XR 512GB Capture Cards (for ARRI XR Cameras)
  • 70 @ ARRI/Sandisk 256GB CF2 Cards
  • 45 @ ARRI/Sandisk 512GB CF2 Cards
  • 40 @ SANDISK 128GB CFAST2 Cards
  • 60 @ Panasonic 256GB P2 Express Cards
  • 40 @ Panasonic 512GB P2 Express Caerds
  • 42 @ Sony 64GB SxS Cards
  • 36 @ Sony 32GB SxS Cards