Leitz Henri Rentals

The Leitz Henri kit is the solution to the search for a modern director’s viewfinder with the clearest and highest resolution image available. Accurately evaluating lens performance requires an optimal image path. The full frame sensors in the Leica SL2 and SL2-S cameras combined with the industry-leading EyeRes OLED EVF offer Directors and Cinematographers the best option for actually seeing what the camera will see and beyond. When combined with the Leitz Henri support system this new finder brings the image to you quickly in an innovative and intuitive way.

Many DP’s, Directors and Filmmakers have been repurposing their still photo kit to pre-visualize productions, but now from Leitz comes a purpose built solution, using their most advanced full frame (24x36mm) mirrorless camera and the newly designed Henri support. It’s built for both hand-held and tripod mounted use and with LPL, PL, M and native L-Mounts, and can accommodate all the popular cine lenses and many more specialty lenses, to both visualize and record stills and/or motion pictures for pre production planning. The software provides for all the common aspect ratios as well as LUTS, Log and HDR formats so experimentation with color “looks” can be facilitated even before the motion picture cameras are checked out for use.

While not necessarily part of the design concept, the lightweight nimble ergonomics also enable the kit to be used as a small “hand camera” for B-Cam, POV, Action, BTS and Documentary shooting, like a Filmo, Bolex or Beulieux was in the past. ISO as high as 50000 and very usable pictures at 12500 can be leveraged for getting shots otherwise not possible with the A-Cam; especially when you can use the same lenses, and camera movement devices, not to mention suitability for stabilizers and drones. For that matter the SL2/SL2S cameras have built-in image stabilization for both stills and motion and offer internal 10 bit 422 recording.

We offer kits both with and without the SL camera for those clients who already own them, and can customize your rental to include whatever mounts you require. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your particular needs. We offer many LPL, PL, M and L Mount lenses too; including the M0.8 and SL primes and zooms which also offer autofocus.

Leitz Henri with Leica SL2S Camera, For Rent
Leitz Henri with Leica SL2S Camera and Arri Lens, For Rent

Please contact us for additional information about Leitz Henri rentals.

Leitz Henri Director Viewfinder Kit available for rent with or without Leica SL2S Camera. Available with LPL, PL, M, or native L mount.