Arri Rentals

There can be no doubt that in the last ten years, Arri has developed and manufactured the best and most popular Digital Cameras for Cinema, essentially replacing film by virtue of improved performance and quality.  Rather than rest on their laurels they continue to embellish and refine their cameras, lenses and accessories; not the least of which is the latest LF MINI and Signature Lenses, which are just now coming available in quantity, ushering in the inevitable acceptance of Large Format AKA as Full Frame (FF). 

Creatives and Technicians alike have had a lot to learn about the new format, especially that new lenses are required to fill the larger sensors, and that larger files requiring more media and faster workflow adds an additional expense as well.  However many Directors and Cinematographers are saying that once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. It’s that much different and better.

An essential partner has been CODEX, providing high speed and capacity enterprise quality media and workflow. Their latest innovation called High Density Encoding (HDE) essentially reduces the large file sizes to about half, at twice the speed for post without any reduction in quality for free! We’ve provided the complete CODEX workflow, including Vault2, Capture Transfer Docks, 8TB SSD’s and the latest version of SXR High Speed Readers (with Compact Card Adapters too so you can use for both LF and Mini LF) since the introduction of the XR cards for ARRI XT as a CODEX dealer, user and sub-rental source or directly to DIT’s and/or Post Production Facilities.

Our Amiras and Minis find a lot of use in Multicam and can be accompanied by DTS Fiber Cable Kits with built-in Sony ROP interface and even a 10-Input GV KULA UHD Switcher in flight case.

Please contact us for additional information about Arri rentals.

Arri equipment available for rent:

  • 2 @ ARRI LF Cameras with Wireless TX/RX
  • 4 @ ARRI MINI LF Cameras
  • 2 @ ARRI ALEXA XT STUDIO Camera w/ OpticalVF and EVF, all licenses and XR Recorder Upgrade
  • 2 @ ARRI ALEXA SXT Camera w/ Anamorphic, HS Licenses, SxS and CF2 Card Adapters and USB3.0 Reader
  • 2 @ ARRI ALEXA 4×3 XR PLUS
  • 1 @ ARRI ALEXA 4X3 PLUS Classic
  • 1 @ ARRI ALEXA 16X9 PLUS Classic w/ XR Upgrade, HS License, SxS Card Adapter and USB3.0 Single Dock Reader
  • 8 @ ARRI AMIRA PREMIUM Camera Sets with CFast 2.0 Readers
  • 2 @ ARRI/DTS Fiber Cable Chains with 100m SMPTE Cables